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True North


Phases of the Moon. Lunar cycle.

Much like the moon, life has phases.

Phases of the Moon. Moon lunar cycle.
Moon Phases in Night Sky

There are times when we feel exhilarated and at times disappointment and loss. Moments of clarity and moments when we feel lost.

I help people navigate their way through change. I help them find the balance in accepting life isn't a straight line and yet living intentionally. How do you move into the next phase of your life well? How do you find your barrings in the dark?

Life Transition Coaching

You've stepped into a new chapter, or you want to, but with this transition comes a host of unknowns. What if you could embrace this new phase of your life, secure in the faith that these challenges are actually opportunities?

Premarital Coaching

Choosing a life partner is a major life decision.

The Prepare & Enrich Relationship Assessment helps couples get a healthy look at their strengths, their relationship dynamic and potential growth areas. I can help you gain greater clarity on your relationship and guide to towards developing a firmer foundation to build upon.

Betrayal Trauma

Intimate relationships impact us to the core. They are often the best of times and the worst of times, but when we find that our partner has sexually problematic behavior it can be incredibly challenging to know who to talk to. Who would understand? How are we supposed to navigate a situation like this when there are so many voices in our heads?

As a betrayal trauma specialist I'm here to help. I can sit with you in the dark, we can sort through the pieces and figure out your next right step.

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I am once again joining with my colleague Rae Emerson of Healing Talks Back to offer this incredible support group.

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Who AM I?

Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion."

--Truvey Jones, Steel Magnolias

Full of grace. Big feeler. Lifelong learner. One who has known deep grief. Lover of fluff. Passionate.

I deeply value authenticity and daring living. Married over 20 years with 5 kids -human, furry and scaly. My greatest joy is seeing others come alive.


  • Internationally Certified Professional Coach (ICF, iPEC)
  • Enneagram trained
  • Betrayal Trauma Specialist APSATS-c
  • Prepare & Enrich Facilitator
  • Masters degree in Pastoral Care & Counseling
  • Trained in Restoration Therapy
  • 0ver 10 years experience facilitating groups for women who have experienced betrayal.

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