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True North


Guiding you in the dark

What difference would it make if you didn’t have to do it alone?

Imagine someone beside you who understands? Who has tools that you need, and believes in you. You could make it to the highest peak!

You could navigate that difficult terrain in front of you, because there is someone holding your hand when your footing is unsure. When you are fearful to take the next step, there is someone cheering you on who knows how meaningful the journey is. You could thrive, not just survive.

You don’t have to do it alone.

As a professional life coach, it is my passion to help people live life to the fullest! I partner with you to dream big, face fears and take back ground in your life. I may not know your personal terrain, but I have the navigational skills and tools you need. Together, we can experience some amazing adventures. Contact me today to take the next powerful step!

Esther Elmer, Certified Professional Coach

If you’re struggling with new or difficult changes and/or the excruciating pain of betrayal, I can help. I specialize in life transitions, relationships and betrayal trauma. Whether you are feeling lost, stuck or alone, I’m here to guide you towards feeling connected, understood, and empowered to take that next step. With a variety of coaching support options, we can work together to make positive changes in your life.

Located in Southern California, I serve clients internationally as an ICF Credentialed professional coach (ACC). I also have additional certifications as an Enneagram Master Coach, an APSATS-trained Betrayal Trauma Specialist (CPC-c) and hold a master’s degree in Pastoral Care & Counseling.

I offer a variety of Coaching services specializing in:

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Empowering Others to Thrive

Witnessing others come to life is my greatest joy. In my own life I have experienced deep sorrow, but have also known the transformative power of having a guide to support me on my journey. Through collaboration with my clients, we create a powerful synergy that helps them not only gain self-awareness but also feel like they have a teammate cheering them on and helping them navigate their challenges. I love being part of that!

In addition to my professional accomplishments, I’ve been happily married for over two decades and am a proud parent of two witty teenagers. Our home is filled with the fluffiest animals you’ve ever seen! Those who know me well describe me as a deep thinker and lifelong learner, while also being someone who leans in to truly hear others. I’m both tender and strategic, giving my clients the space to breathe, while nudging them towards their next brave step. My passion is to see people live with purpose and intention --why do it alone?

Life Transition

I can help you find clarity.

You've stepped into a new chapter, or you want to, but with this transition comes a host of unknowns. What if you could embrace this new phase of your life, secure in the faith that these challenges are actually opportunities? I can help you move through this.

Premarital Relationships

Choosing a life partner is a major life decision.

In my premarital coaching we will walk through The Prepare & Enrich Relationship Assessment. This assessment serves to provide couples with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, relationship dynamics, and areas for potential growth. Together, we we’ll work towards establishing a firmer foundation for your relationship and achieve greater clarity so you can know where you are now and define where you want to be in the future. You’ll feel well-equipped, supported, and more connected as a team.

Betrayal Trauma

I can sit with you in the dark.

Intimate relationships hold immense power over us. They can be a source of joy and a source of pain. But discovering that your partner has problematic sexual behavior can be overwhelming and isolating. Who can you trust to confide in? How can you navigate this situation when so many thoughts are racing through your mind?

As a specialist in betrayal trauma, I’m here to offer guidance. I can be your support during the darkest moments and help you sort through the pieces to determine your next steps.

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Let’s Talk!

Invest in your well-being and let’s schedule a free consult call. See if coaching with me is the right fit for you.

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Why “True North” Coaching?

From a young age, I have always been captivated by the stars. I’m in awe of their unwavering glow, especially the the constellation of Orion and the North Star; a constant guide even when hidden from view.

Similarly, I understand the challenges of navigating through the uncertainties of life. I am a reliable guide, helping individuals navigate the unknown with the aid of their own true north. I bring a wealth of experience and practical tools to help us navigate the journey. Let me help you get your bearings so you can live your best life!